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The US Embassy has launched a video to educate Bangladeshis about visa fraud and scams.
“Each year, thousands of Bangladeshis successfully apply for a U.S. visa. We want to ensure that all potential applicants avoid scams and fraud, so we produced this video,” Consul General Elizabeth Gourlay said at a press briefing on Tuesday.

She introduced the video and said the embassy gives “importance” to providing “high standard” customer service to visa applicants.

Gourlay said all tourists, students, business travelers, and immigrants from Bangladesh are ‘valued’ by the US government.“The message is simple and applies to all visa applicants: tell the truth, fill out your own application, and if you have questions, ask the embassy.”

The video was created in partnership with Bangladeshi arts firm Creative Media Limited and employs an inventive form of stop-motion animation, the embassy said.

Replying to a question, the Consul General reiterated that Bangladesh was no more an eligible country for the DV programme, as people were receiving fake messages.

Bangladesh completed the quota of sending 50,000 immigrants to the US several years back.

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