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Majority of the Android operating system run phones come with a double SIM card facility while iPhone has only a single SIM feature. Many of the android phones are popular in the global market for their double SIM support.

Some of the renowned mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi among others have initiated double SIM features. And those phones are highly popular in different parts of the world including Asia, USA, and Europe.

However, Apple is a leading manufacturer and iPhone is its best product. But it comes with a single SIM slot. The tech-giant has decided to release iPhone in next year with a double SIM card using the feature.

Sources informed that Apple has planned to make dual SIM card slots on its next phone and have been undertaking different measures to make it happen for its global users.

With a dual SIM support system, the user can use two SIM cards at a time in a single phone set. They do not need to spend more for another phone set.

However, many of the iPhone users believe that it might damage the image of Apple. They are of the view that the single SIM tray for the iPhone has distinguished it. And it would be usual like the other phone brands when it will have two SIM card slots.

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