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At present, people use Facebook for numerous purposes. And mostly it is used for social networking. People can get the latest happenings of their near and dear ones. In fact, each and every update of people is available on this networking site.

People share their activities with photos. And for this they use smartphones.

But this is a waste of time indeed. People are getting addicted to Facebook more than their real life.

Many of the Facebook users suffer from frustration. In fact, people are getting lonelier by using this virtual network.

They have cut their sleeping hours. Felling an uncomfortable situation inside their mind. They are also leaving their families for spending time on Facebook.

Obviously, people get in touch with the world but at the end of the day, they become alone in their real social life. Their virtual friends and neighbors do not be with them.

Often people become envious seeing other people. They feel a sense of discomfort with their own lifestyle.

A sense of dissatisfaction is developed inside.

A recent study in a periodical named Computers in Human Behavior has revealed that Facebook is making people lonely.

The survey – that was conducted among a notable number of Facebook users- found that people feel lonely when the sign out from the platform.

This is an important matter to be careful about using Facebook and other social networking sites.

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