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Cyber hacking is a concerning issue in the present days. So, everyone tries to protect their devices such as smartphones, computers, social accounts and other types of electronic gadgets using different types of security systems. The password is one of them. With the passage of time, there have been significant changes in types of passwords.

Majority of the people use their basic information to create passwords for their devices or social accounts. They adopt such passwords to remember easily. When the passwords are complex, they may create login problems for the users. But such security systems are too easy to guess for the hackers. Studies are underway to make the protection system better.

Here are four basic tips for creating strong passwords for the users.

Avoid basic info – Most of the cases, the users apply their basic information date of birth and other simple facts. But those should be avoided. Rater, a mixture of everything may prove beneficial. Mixing up the information will help to keep it secure.

Change after every 3-months – this is a good idea to protect yourself. In fact, changing the passwords after every three months will help you to remain protected from potential security threats.

Use numeric sentences – Applying sentences using numbers is one the best ways to create a strong password. You can pick a sentence and use some number with it to make a strong password. Such types of passwords are stronger in every term.

Minimum 12 characters – Experts suggest creating passwords with at least minimum 12 characters. It should contain the upper case, lower case, number, and symbols. Such passwords are often unbreakable.

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