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The abuse of antibiotic is more in Bangladesh. But having an antibiotic without proper directives and prescriptions may cause disorders for the patients.

Side effects appear when antibiotics are used for ordinary diseases. Even if the dose is not set in right portion, the patient might not be cured properly.

The misuse may result in reducing resistance among the patients. And then treatment of other diseases will also be difficult.

In fact, antibiotic is ineffective against viruses.

Majority of the commoners in the country get antibiotics from local drugstores without being aware about their dose level and side effects. They want an early recovery and so pick an antibiotic.

And when they get recovered shortly, they stop using the drugs which leads creates a weak disease resistance for them inside their body. They get a delayed recovery process time for not completing the antibiotic course.

Consequently, the get affected by some other additional diseases like heart ailments, high blood pressure and more.

Therefore, most of the developed countries sell antibiotics after doctors’ advice. They do not sell antibiotics without prescriptions.

The drug administration should look into the matter.

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