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State Minister for Posts and Telecommunications Tarana Halim said on Saturday the testing of the ground stations of Bangabandhu Satellite-1, the country’s first-ever satellite project, will start in September next.

After visiting a ground station of the satellite in Gazipur, Tarana said almost 88 percent work of the ground stations at Gazipur and Bethbunia in Rangamati have already completed, and they will begin testing in September this year.

“Bangabandhu Sattelite-1 will be launched from Florida in the USA in December, and its commercial operation will start in April next year.” she said.

The satellite is built with 40 transponders and among those Bangladesh will use 20, and the rest will be sold to other countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Saarc countries, she said.

The Cabinet Division recently decided to form ‘Bangladesh Satellite Company Limited’ to operate the satellite, she added.

A team of French company, Thales Alenia Space of Cannes, will operate the satellite in the first three years after launching it, and train up Bangladeshi technicians, she said.

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