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With the demand of enlisting the educational institutions under the Monthly Pay Order (MPO), the teachers and staffs of educational institutions have started hunger strike till death from Sunday after completing a five-day sit-in.

The event is going on before the National Press Club.

The movement with the demand of MPO enlisting is underway from December 26.

However, none of the government representatives have met them so far to negotiate on the issue.

The decision to go on a hunger strike till death was adopted on Friday last.

Many of the participants arrived from different parts of the country and have started their movement by sitting on the street.

They also carried different placards, banners, and festoons containing their demands.

A spokesperson from the movement said that the teachers and staffs are passing their days amid struggles. And many of them have fallen sick as well.

So, they are on the hunger strike till death unless their demands are met.

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