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The former advisor to the caretaker government Sultana Kamal has demanded to stop the Rampal coal power plant project and asked authorities to take necessary measures to protect the Sundarbans.

The former caretaker government advisor is on the view that the national asset the Sundarbans is on the verge of destruction and the development projects in the locality has turned detrimental for the forest.

She was addressing at a press conference held at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity yesterday.

The event was organized by the National Committee to Protect the Sundarbans.

The press conference was attended by Dhaka University Professor Badrul Imam, prominent economist Dr. Nazrul Islam among others.

Sultana Kamal, a humanitarian activist, said that around 14 reports have been published about the Rampal project and they clearly state that the information provided by the government is old about 30 years. And many of the information is hilarious which is concerning as well.

She also said that the speech of the Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has been acknowledge by the UNESCO and the organization has also objection on Sundarbans issues. As both the issues are under UNESCO declaration, a dual-policy is not expected here, she opined.

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