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The number of mobile telephone phone users is on the rise in Bangladesh. At present, over 14 crores people have their own mobile phones. And a remarkable number of them use internet using their mobiles.

But earlier, the trend was not so mature. With the development of technology and modern communication system, mobile telephone use is becoming comfortable.

Diversified tariff plan and a competitive market have made making phone calls cheaper – which contributes largely to the upsurge.

Earlier, there were six mobile operators and now the number is four, naming – Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi and Airtel, and Teletalk.

Unification of Robi and Airtel got united which resulted in a cumulative user rise.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) revealed that the number of mobile SIM was 119,087,000 in September 2017 while the number of internet users was 62,968,000.

Besides, mobile subscribers are also experiencing some positive aspects.

The number of Grameenphone users was around 55,015,000 in September 2016, and that has been extended to over six crores this year.

The subscribers of Robi was 23,834,000 and after unification with Airtel, it has stood to 41,211,000.

Banglalink had 29,471,000 customers using its service and it has extended to 32,379,000 in this year.

State-run telephone operator Teletalk had 2,989,000 users and it has reached 3,241,000 this year.

However, the number of WiMAX internet users has reduced to 90,000 which was around one lakh.

The list has been prepared based on the mobile phone use of past three months.

The BTRC regularly publishes the number of mobile phone users after a one-month interval.


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