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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that is expected soon will feature a whole new bunch of tools and features, but it is going to kill the 1985-released image editing feature Microsoft Paint.

According to a report in the Guardian on Monday, alongside Outlook Express, Reader app and Reading list, Microsoft Paint has been signalled for death having been added to the “features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update” list.

“Paint in its various guises would be one of the first graphics editors used by many and became a core part of Windows. Starting life as a 1-bit monochrome licensed version of ZSoft’s PC Paintbrush, it wasn’t until Windows 98 that Paint could save in JPEG,” the report noted.

In its Windows 10 Creators Update that was released in April, Microsoft introduced the new Paint 3D. But it does not behave like the original Paint and does not look like an update.

Though Paint was confined to bitmap and PCX formats only and was not much of a help in image editing, it was an easy option if someone wanted to scribble something or make a quick cut and paste job.

It is yet to be known when 32-year-old Microsoft Paint will officially be removed from Windows.

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