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Rob Spence is a filmmaker who is blind in one eye. The documentary filmmaker from Canada replaced his eye with a tiny video camera nine years ago.

Spence, who is in his 40s, accidentally shot himself in the eye as a child, and though he retained his damaged eye for years, his cornea eventually degenerated to the point that it needed to be removed in 2007. At that point, he wondered whether he could replace his eye with something that had a little more flair than the typical prosthetic eye, reports the Live Science.

The camera is not connected to his optic nerve but sends its footage to a receiver.

He has used his camera eye to record segments for a mini documentary about cyborgs – people who augment their bodies using technology, reports the BBC.

Instead of going for the traditional glass eye, Spence worked with a friend to build an eye camera. Spence’s eye can record up to 30 minutes of footage before the battery dies. The eye is not connected to the optic nerve so he cannot use it to see, reports the Futurism.

In preparation for the release of the video game sequel Deus Ex: Human Evolution, game developer Square Enix recruited the filmmaker to make a documentary of Spence interviewing other recipients of high-tech augmentation. He even included some of the eye camera footage in the documentary.

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