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i changeBy S. M. Salahuddin :: The title says it all: “I Change”- a philosophy, a stimulus, a metamorphosis proposition, a management approach, a reengineering process and many more. The author focuses on a notion – transitioning from current state to a preferred future state based on thoughtful planning and insightful implementation. The book is a narrative to reflect the deep philosophy of the author -“I Change”- that the author wants to propagate to its reader. The campaigner of a philosophy wants to promote his conviction “I Change”. It deals with personal change management issues and change theories, strategies and processes. The book infuses the idea that you necessitate to spotlight only on you rather then expecting environs to change to empower you, to take the control of your life and to write your own saga of happiness.

A first-rate narrator whose crispy and expressive writing is a delight to read, Mr. Muruga used fables, stories, personal and real life examples and model that helps the reader to get visual understanding of the processes described and to read in an effortless fashion. I must applaud his logical and articulate writing style in explained and easily comprehensible fashion. The writer tries to reach the profound unconscious mind of readers using a Chinese fable as Metaphor where Mei Lien, a young lady is the central character. In another chapter, the author wants to distinguish the lower self and higher self separated by a horizontal line where lower self demonstrates complaints, blame, excuses, justification, and higher self takes responsibility and accountability. To be empowered one has to act above the line. AABB model is shown as reengineering process which focuses on four sequential steps. The author illustrates some exercises that foster you to feel the exigency to change and not to procrastinate any longer. As a management consultant, Mr. Muruga instinctively retained his business styled impressive voice all over the book based on his unfathomable philosophy. The statements of the author are convincing such as “We are disempowered when we blame others, give excuses and justify our situation”, “If you cannot appreciate yourself enough how you can expect someone else to appreciate you?”

The author depicts systematic approach that goes deeper in perception and involves belief system to initiate and sustain the changed behavior. The author shows an emphatic style and conviction to establish his powerful dogma of change management. This book has unquestionably got the power to improve anyone’s self management in a sustainable approach. It will be supportive to the people who want to metamorphose their life in a scientific way. The book is pertinent for those who are in discord, aggravation and want to make changes to utilize the power of “I Change” and returning their lives back on track. It may help the disheartened professionals to shape up their career, perturbed parents to control their rebellious children, spouse to restore the happiness in relationship. I would advocate the book as a must read for broad sphere of professionals, parents, spouses and change makers.

S. M. Salahuddin is Head of a Branch at Bank Asia Ltd. He is an engineer turned to full time banker and part time speaker at business schools of Private Universities. He can be reached at [email protected]

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