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The rise is holding tax might result in negative reactions from the citizens, believes the Parliament Members. They have urged to reconsider the matter.

Three of the MPs have delivered their statements regarding the holding tax rise in Dhaka and Chittagong Metropolitan.

Minister for Commerce, Tofail Ahmed has said that the increase of nine fold holding tax will be unacceptable to people. It may result in negative reactions, he added.

The Minister also said in his speech in the Parliament, “The tax hike is an ordinary. But increasing tax for nine times is completely unacceptable. The relevant authority has not long been increased the tax.”

“But if the holding tax rises to Tk 72,000 from existing Tk 8000, there will be a massive reaction. It needs a reconsideration”, added the Minister.

The Minister also opined that the tax could have been increased in past years of the government tenure. He believes a rise in the holding tax in the last part of the government will certainly experience some reactions.

The Deputy Speaker of the Parliament urged the Minister to table the issue at the next Cabinet meeting.

Ziauddin Ahmed Bablu, a Jatiya Party MP also said that holding tax has been increased in Chittagong which is experience protests in different parts of the city. The MP opined that the government should consider the matter in the political ground, as this a very sensitive issues.

The Deputy Speaker said that the government is for the people and of course the issue will be reconsidered.

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