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Exercise is the key way to get a healthy and happy life. In fact, exercises help to remove stress, relieves boredom and much more. But not all the exercises suit all. Running is a very good exercise and almost everyone can do it.

Here are top 11 benefits of running that will inspire you to run or jog regularly.

Keeps you fit- Running helps to keep the runners fit in different terms.

Strong bones – Running helps to get the bones stronger. The muscle and bones become resistant and remain healthier.

Better sleep – When people run, they become tired. And thus they have a better sleep.

Makes you happier- Regular running helps to remove all the stress and worries from the mind. Consequently, people become happier than ever.

Less preparation – You may start it anywhere you want and with minimum preparation. The runners do not need to wear special types of outfits.

Running helps to make friends – When you run, you will get a new community and friends of different age.

Burns fat- Running helps to burn the fat quickly. In fact, an hour of running can burn over 800 calories.

Increase lifespan- Usually, runners live longer than ordinary people because they have fewer disabilities.

Flexibility – The runners have flexible body parts.

Glowing skin- Running helps to sweat and the toxic materials are emitted from the body by sweat. Consequently, the skin glows naturally.

Controls BP – Running helps to reduce High Blood Pressure. In fact, it helps to reduce the BP level too fast within a short time.

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