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Despite the arrival of seasonal onions in the kitchen market, the price of the vegetable is not decreasing. Rather the price has crossed limit – it is now TK 140 per KG in different city markets.

Investigations in various kitchen market in the capital reveal that the wholesalers are purchasing local onions at a higher rate (around Tk 110-120 for per KG). On the other side, the imported onion is sold at Tk 70-75 per KG.

And onions are sold with a smart profit in per KG. The retailers are selling the local onion to around Tk 120 while the imported onion is sold by Tk 85 per KG.

The wholesalers are of the view that the onion price is changing every day. Citing the condition of some other markets, a businessman in Kawranbazar told that the price of onion is unsteady in other markets of the city.

So, this is not feasible for them to sell at a lower rate, said the businessman.

They alleged that they cannot make a good profit because of other hidden costs. They need to pay transport fairs, rent for shops and other costs. So, they are bound to sell at a higher rate than they buy.

Traders who are selling onions at a cheaper price might have stored before, opined some of the traders in city’s Shantinagar area.

A shopper in Mirpur said that this is becoming trouble for the commoners to reach this kitchen vegetable. In fact, the price is increasing despite the plenty of onions.

Another shopper in Rampura expressed concerns about the price rise of onions. She said that it would be impossible for middle class people like them to live in this city for excessive price rise.

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