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Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) senior leader Maj (retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed on Saturday alleged that the Election Commission EC has prepared its roadmap for the next polls at the behest of the government to present a ‘new model of vote rigging’.

“The Election Commission has given a government-dictated roadmap to take Awami League to power again. It wants to present the nation a new model of vote rigging,” he said.

Hafiz, a BNP vice chairman, came up with the remarks while inaugurating the party’s new member collection drive at Barobazar here.

He alleged that the government has obliterated democracy by snatching people’s fundamental rights, including the voting one.

The BNP leader warned that the government will have to face dire consequences if it does not restore people’s vetoing rights immediately.

He alleged that the government is conspiring to hang onto power without voting as it has come to know through a survey conducted by intelligence agencies that it will face a debacle if a fair election is held.

Hafiz said though viral Chikungunya disease has speared across the country, Awami League leaders and activists are affected with ‘Motagunya’ (obesity) by indulging in widespread plundering and corruption.

He said the country’s people want to get rid of misrule, corruption and repressive acts of the Awami League-led government.

Criticising the ruling party leaders for their remarks that BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia is conspiring against the country in London, Hafiz said their party wants to return to power with people’s vote in a democratic manner, not through any plot.

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