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Calcium is a necessary food ingredient that we need to have stronger bones. Besides, it is also needed to have better nerve and muscle formation. Some of the foods help to fill the calcium needs of the body.

A list of such foods is here to make you aware of them. You can intake them regularly to meet your needs of calcium and they are easily available around us.

Vegetables – vegetables, particularly the green vegetables are wonderful sources of calcium. Cabbage, broccoli etc. contain a huge amount of calcium. So, you can have them as much as you can to fill your calcium needs.

Milk: this is filled with almost all types of food ingredients. A cup of milk contains around 280-milligram calcium. So, regular milk drinking helps to reduce bone troubles in matured age.

Cheese – you cannot imagine how beneficial cheese is for your health. This is a great source of calcium. You can have it with some other snacks too.

Orange- it also helps to boos diseases prevention capacities. It contains lots of calcium that can fill your daily needs.

Nuts – nuts are filled with huge amount calcium. It helps to make the brain sharper and also reduces the chances for heart disease development.

Yogurt – this is a great source of calcium. In fact, a cup of yogurt contains around 400 grams of calcium. So, you can increase yogurt intake to meet your daily calcium needs.

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