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Jewel came from Chittagong to Dhaka with the dream of becoming a photographer. Doing day-to-day work to implement his dream of spreading his fame within country and outside the country. Besides working hard, he is busy with various workshops, courses and studies on photography. And now he wants to be known as a skilled and well known photographer of the country; To make Bangladesh aware of its photography; Spread the pictures in the camera frame, spreading around the globe.
His full name is Farhan Khan Jewel. Reason of his coming to the capital was not only for being a good photographer, but also his study. Completed his BBA from the Independent University of Bangladesh. But his dream of being photographer never quit chasing. That anticipation led this young photographer move forward with camera on hand.
So far, the most prominent works that Jewel has made for including ACME, Kingston Mobile, Jamuna Fridge, RFL Water Pump, Rtv Veet Look @ Me, BD Hiphop Festival 2015. Apart from this, Photo shoot of Bangladesh cricket players on different issues Has been done by him.
Outside the country he also worked in Tallygonj in India. He has worked with Raja Taba Datta, Shahrukh Newaz, Shomrat Maity and many others.
He has built his own organization named Studio Buzzel, in Uttara. The studio’s Facebook page link- This young photographer, who is busy with his works, always implements his full knowledge of work in his every task. Although he is roaming in various sector of photography, Jewel wants to be established as a wedding photographer. He thinks Wedding photography has a bright future ahead and that’s why he has chosen this sector for him. In the future, he desires to open his own production house and he will be able to do the best jobs of the country from that institution.
Farhan Khan Jewel completed Basic Course from Pathshala South Asian Media Academy in 2010. Diploma courses on fashion from Chanchal Mahmood and courses on wedding photography from Prito Reza and did a photo workshop form West Bengal Creative Photo Journalism Forum in Darjeeling.
Farhan Khan Jewel said, ‘I think photography is not the same as before. Currently photography is doing better as a profession. Newcomers are coming forward but it is not possible to change everything alone. If you work with the team, then something better can be done.
He also said, ‘There is a chance to do a lot of good things in wedding photography. There is no end to goodness; But you have to try. With a little more studies and attention something good definitely can be done, that’s my belief and I’m going forward with that faith. And I think myself as a newcomer. So, working with honesty, success will certainly be available. But first of all, I want to be a good man.’

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