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Academic activities at Dhaka<SNG-QTS>s seven major colleges have been disrupted for conflict between top leadership of the University of Dhaka and the National University, alleged students and rivals.

The <SNG-QTS>cold war<SNG-QTS> between DU vice chancellor AASM Arefin Siddique and NU<SNG-QTS>s Harun-or-Rashid has allegedly caused delay in holding examinations and publishing results.

As a result, about 200,000 students of the seven colleges, which changed their affiliation from the National University to Dhaka University, are lagging behind their peers in other colleges under the NU.

The issue came to the fore when quite a number of aggrieved students of the seven institutions took to the streets, demanding announcement of dates for examinations.

The two VCs now blame each other for the disruption in academic activities.

Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid said at a programme on Sunday that the prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, has directed the authorities to resolve the crisis involving seven educational institutions.

Many students of Dhaka College, Eden Mohila College, Begum Badrunnesa Government Women College, Government Titumir College, Kabi Nazrul Government College, Government Shaheed Suhrawardi College and Government Bangla College have continued their demonstration.

After announcing affiliation of the seven colleges with the DU, its vice chancellor Arefin Siddique said the National University announces results without evaluating the scripts properly.

The National University then challenged the allegation and asked the DU authorities to produce proof.

The seven colleges have been affiliated with the DU, following a decision, but the NU authorities argued that the relevant law has not been amended as yet.

On this, Arefin Siddique said the seven colleges would be run the way other affiliated colleges are run. <DBL-QTS>The problems the students have raised are not any serious matter; they are created artificially,<DBL-QTS> he said adding that due process of talks with the college or DU authorities has not been followed. <DBL-QTS>They have laid siege upon roads and tried to damage cars. Vested quarters are fuelling this,<DBL-QTS> he claimed.

When contacted, NU VC Harun-or-Rashid said the DU authorities have taken responsibility of 200,000 students but they were not prepared for this.

On allegations that NU did not provide necessary information to DU, he said the DU authorities would not be able to make specific allegation.

The DU authorities alleged that they were not being provided with the lists of students of these colleges and thus could not announce the dates for examinations.

In its statement, the NU authorities questioned how the DU authorities announced some dates unless they have the lists.

The education minister told newsmen on Sunday that the seven colleges were handed over to the DU following interests of the VC. <DBL-QTS>We cannot interfere into the internal affairs of the university. However, we are also concerned at the situation and hope it would be resolved soon,<DBL-QTS> he added.

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