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Hisla tastes deliciously different when served up on typical Bengali ware. Monsoon is the season for hilsa and so there will be a quite an array of different hilsa dishes on the table. It will be all the more unique served Bengali style.

Hilsa is the national fish of Bangladesh. Local plates are more suitable for serving the fish.

Interior designer Gulshan Nasrin Chowdhury said hilsa could be served using clay bowls or dishes, aluminum utensils or banana leaves for a different look.

The interior designer also came up with the idea of using the bamboo dishes available in the market to serve hilsa. This will be rather unique. Hilsa could be also served using squares of ‘shital pati’, the woven mats, she added.

Hilsa can be served on banana leaves, garnished with fresh vegetables like carrots, radish, tomatoes, turnips, spring onion, onions, dried chilies, and mint leaves.

If local utensils are being used, then the table should also have a traditional look. A cross-stitched table cloth can be used with local napkins an runners. White or off-white table cloths will look good, said Gulshan Nasrin Choudhury.

Clay or aluminum glasses and other utensils can be used along with embroidered mats on the table. Wooden trays and serving spoons can be also used.

Aluminum lamps can be used along with some rose flower floating in water in a clay bowl to decorate the table further, the designer added.

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