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Life became paralyzed in major parts of the cities across the country following heavy rains on Wednesday.Long traffic tailbacks have been seen throughout Dhaka city.Office-goers were seen waiting out the rain under the shelter of roadside shades.

Rain turned the Dhaka into an unknown place to herdwellers.Normal life almost came to a standstill due to ceaseless rain that caused inundation in many parts of the metropolis Roads in various areas of Dhaka city.
Rains flooded many of Dhaka’s roads, lanes and bylanes, disrupting traffic and causing immense sufferings for the city dwellers.

Many roads got waterlogged due to the rain.Besides, rickshaw pullers and CNG drivers were seen demanding extra fares from the passengers during the rain intensifying their woes.

Commuters, office-goers and students of schools and colleges have been facing severe problems in reaching their destinations for lack of transport.

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