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After the constitutional rules, the President of the country will be elected within 90 days after the tenure of the existing President is over. And the tenure for President Md. Abdul Hamid will end on April 23 in this year.

Accordingly, necessary activities to complete the Presidential election process will begin shortly. In fact, the Election Commission has to take initiative about the matter before closure of the winter session of the National Parliament.

Legal experts are on the view that the election procedure should be completed by the first 30 days. Senior lawyers and experts are on the same view.

However, the EC officials said that there had been no discussions held on the issue so far though the EC declared roadmap is designed to hold the Presidential polls by 60 to 90 days after the end of current President’s tenure.

In fact, the issue is under EC scanner, and there are less activities as this is a sensitive issue, opined an EC official.

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