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Amid huge criticisms, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) mayor Annisul Huq on Saturday apologized for his remarks over the responsibility of his city corporation in preventing Chikungunya, reports UNB.

While speaking at a press briefing at Nagar Bhaban on Friday, Annisul Huq claimed that the DNCC is not responsible for the spread of Chikungunya and the city corporation authorities will not be able to kill mosquitoes visiting from door to door.

“We didn’t want to hurt anyone. We just want to say the city corporation has no right to go inside people’s houses. We’re sorry if the remark hurts anyone,” said the mayor while addressing a Chikungunya awareness rally in front of Nagar Bhaban.

During the rally, he said they will take all the necessary steps for controlling Chikungunya and mitigate the sufferings of people. “We will bring a revolutionary change in the mosquito control programme. We’ll also change our action methods.”

The mayor also assured the city dwellers that the city corporation will be able to bring the situation under control as soon as possible.

Responding to a question about the allegation of negligence of duty against those involved in mosquito killing work, Annisul said if they receive any allegation they will investigate it.

The city corporation always takes action if it finds any negligence by workers in performing their duties, said the mayor adding a total 109 workers lost their jobs in the last two years for neglect of their duties which did not happen in the last 15 years.

Arranged by the Ward No-19, the rally was joined by the local MP, civil society members, different social organisations and students.

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