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London, United Kingdom: Distressed over a rise in acid attacks, some 200 delivery drivers protested in front of the British parliament on Tuesday, demanding the government takes action.

“Most of the time we get attacked or our bikes are stolen. I don’t feel safe doing my work. Yesterday I felt threatened because some boys wanted to attack me,” Musa, a young UberEATS driver told AFP.

The protest was organised after five people, including delivery driver Jabed Hussain, were attacked with acid in the space of just 90 minutes on the night of July 13.

Two teenagers aged 15 and 16 were subsequently arrested.

“I’ve been working for Deliveroo for 4 years. I don’t feel safe to go on my bike. I don’t know what I’m going to do for a living,” Hussain, who suffered slight burns to the chest, told AFP.

“The government needs to take proper actions. There needs to be more police in the streets,” he added.

London has seen a sharp rise in acid attacks in recent years.

Some experts have suggested that criminal gangs may be switching from carrying knives to acid because it could lower the risk of prosecution.

On Monday, MPs debated the best way to tackle the issue, with many backing tougher sentences and the introduction of a minimum age requirement to buy certain products.

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