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bamboo fencidilReport By MM Badsha :: According to the drug control department of Bangladesh about 46 Lac peoples in taking Drugs this country. Whatever the statistical data is but at least 10 thousand core of Taka is smuggled every year for this purpose. From the 532 points in the border area about 32 kinds of drugs are coming inside the country.The border guard force is fail due to the most of the drugs are coming inside the mainland as seeds, spices, or as tea bags. Due to this drugs mainly from India a huge group of bangladeshi young people are severely got effected. About 11.5 Km area in the Comilla border is unsecured as there is no fence in the border so this area are using as the safe transit for drugs from India.


Due to the high density of population in this border area the smuggler rugs are doing safe business in this area. By the fields survey it came to know that about 200 hundred small & medium group of smuggler are controlling this area.By using about fifty spots a lot quantity of drugs are coming like the flow of reviver water. Then these drugs are going to the many parts of the country including the capital city.Many of the young people in the border are changing their profession into drug smuggler. They are using CNG, Covered van even big trucks. To do this they use woman students, and children as well they are taking opportunity of low financial condition of this types of people. They use the physicals body of this people to do smuggling.


The smuggler has changed their tricks in recent days and using seed packets, watermelon etc to carry drugs. They uses chicken foods pot, even pillow to carry phencidyl , yaba. Also the smuggler use bamboo by hole to carry phencidil  & yaba.Their also complain like that they are using govt. cars to this transports.But sue to the huge political back up behind this smuggler; people of these areas are not like to talk about this in front of the media.Tough the smuggler doing it in very efficient way but very few law enforcing agency are get able to catch a lot.

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