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Fried chicken is a delicious food and everyone wants to have it. But taking the food in streets is unhygienic and often there are a wide number of allegations about the selling outlets. So, the best way to enjoy the food is preparing it at home.

A simple recipe is here to help the beginners in preparing fried chicken for them or for their families.

Ingredients –

Chicken – 1 full pieces, sliced

Eggs – 2 piecs

Flour – 3 cups

Milk – 3 cups

Tomato soup – 1 pack

Salad dressing mix – 1 cup

Edible oil – two spoonful

At first, take a clean bowl and mix the eggs and milk properly. As the second step, mix the flour, soup mix and salad dressing mix together in another pot. Then pour the sliced chicken pieces on the milk-egg mixture. Then take them to the flour mixture and make sure the chicken pieces are covered with flour coating. Fry the chicken pieces for around 30 minutes. Reduce the heat and remove the chicken pieces from oil when they turn brown.
The fried chicken is done. Serve it with necessary other ingredients after your preference. You may serve it with any types of sauce. But keep in mind – the chicken fries are best to eat when they are heated.

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