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The popular Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is experiencing negative criticisms from different quarters for her attires in a recent event.

In fact, she is under criticisms for past few days.

She went to a fashion show recently and wore a saree designed by a famous local Indian designer. It was the key issue for discussion of her fans and critiques.

Some of the still pictures gone viral on social networking websites. Many of her fans have started criticizing her dress for the occasion.

The pictures are available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

A series of criticism has started blowing on her. But she might be not paying attention to such remarks.

Most of her critiques made negative remarks about the attires. The comments are serious indeed.

Someone wrote, “Don’t you know dressing decently?” Further, another made comment saying, “Are you targeting a certain class of audience?”

Someone else opined saying, “Deepika wants fame through her body”.

Actually, her audiences are unable to take her in this look.

So, this is an embarrassing event for her. She is presently passing a busy time for her upcoming movie release.


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