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zahid al aminZahid Al Amin :: It becomes the daily phenomenon in Bangladesh, since the January 05, 2014 election; that the Bangladeshi police started to lose control on their gunshot aims and they kept on spending more bullets to a kill a man they just picked that evening from a street side.

Statistics showed that their aiming skill is becoming so bad that they even had to shot more than 10 bullets to kill a suspect. Yes, a suspect – suspected as a political activist and a vocal in the society.

This Sunday night, February 22, 2015; the Mirpur thana police in Dhaka picked three such suspects aging between 22 to 26 years and in the mid night, the police shot 54 bullets on them and killed them all at once.

The police officer, the mastermind behind the incident, OC Salauddin; pressed the media that these young boys were beaten to death by mob and became victim of public uprising against nationwide political unrest. Even the police postmortem could not hide the truth and pointed that these boys were left tied and blindfolded and asked to run for life just before that OC Salauddin and his subordinates started firing on them from all angles to all their body parts.

Does anyone in this world deserve such a death? I do not know but I decided to share this news to everyone here in my friend list and to their friends whoever is reading this note to take this matter to their newspaper and media; to stop such extrajudicial killing in Bangladesh by the government and law enforcement agencies.

It is not that this police officer is known for such occurrence for the first time – he grew up to be a serial killer in the name of law. To the world’s most disgustingly wonderment, that police officer and his team still not taken care under any disciplinary action or closed henceforth by the police department of the country or the government.

Zahid Al Amin
Editor: Weekly X-Files

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