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Moin Uddin Sarker Sumon, from Kuwait :: His Excellency Syed Shahed Reza, Ambassador of Bangladesh to Kuwait met His Excellency Abd Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi, Hon’ble President of Republic of Yemen at his official residence on 15 July 2013 during his farewell call on. The President of Yemen gave a warm welcome to His Excellency Ambassador and his entourage to the Presidential Palace. During the call on His Excellency Syed Shahed Reza expressed his deep gratitude to the Hon’ble President, Foreign Minister, and other concerned officials of Yemen for their assistance and cooperation extended to him during his tenure. His Excellency Ambassador mentioned in the meeting that the relationship of Bangladesh and Yemen is deep-rooted and it is based on common culture, tradition and trade. He said that he is delighted to meet the President and Foreign Minister of Yemen during his farewell visit.

During the conversation the President mentioned that Yemen is in political transition and his government has engaged itself in dialogue with the different political groups in Yemen in order to unify them and to hand over power to the democratically elected government through an election to be held in March 2014. He kept saying that the present Muslim world is deeply divided in different groups which are unfortunate and such division is undermining the spirit and strength Muslim world. Moreover, he further said, some Muslim groups are painted as terrorist element by the Western world. In this context, His Excellency Ambassador said that Bangladesh is always against terrorism and to curb any sort of terrorism Bangladesh is always vigilant.

In the meeting His Excellency Ambassador also shared the view that there are some potential areas where both Bangladesh and Yemen can explore and benefit each other. He mentioned that industrial sectors of Bangladesh such as pharmaceuticals, ceramic, melamine, jute and fabric, leather goods, ship buildings have tremendous potential where Yemen can engage. Hon’ble President instantly showed his interest on ship building industries in Bangladesh. He expressed his desire to build some patrol ships for the Yemen coast guard.

KuwaitHis Excellency Ambassador expressed that to expand trade and commerce between the two brotherly countries representative of Chamber and Commerce of both side can visit each other and identify the potential areas for their business. Hon’ble President highly appreciated this proposal and opined that before such visit both countries can sign an agreement on Trade and Commerce. His Excellency assured the President that an initiative will be undertaken on signing such agreement very soon.

His Excellency Ambassador conveyed the Ramadan greetings of Hon’ble President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh to him and invited the President to visit Bangladesh in a time convenient to him. The President assured the Ambassador that he will consider visiting Bangladesh in a suitable time.

The President of Yemen expressed his profound satisfaction for the role played by Bangladesh Ambassador for improving bilateral relationship with Yemen. The President hoped that the existing bilateral relationship between the two brotherly countries will be strengthening in the coming days.

Earlier His Excellency Ambassador met His Excellency Dr. Abu Bakar Kirbi, Hon’ble Foreign Minister of Republic of Yemen in his office on 14 July 2013.  His Excellency Ambassador expressed his deep gratitude to Minister for providing him all possible support during his tenure as Ambassador of Yemen (non-resident). Hon’ble Foreign Minister lauded the role and contribution of His Excellency Ambassador to further strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two friendly countries.

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