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About 700 million people in India do not have their access to sanitary toilets. Hence, they use the open or public spaces around them either to empty their bladder or for defecation.

But the trend has almost vanished in the other neighboring countries, after the report of an International NGO marking the World Toilet Day.

Water Aid, an International NGO, has published a report where India has topped the other countries regarding lack of sanitary toilet and bathroom access.

Majority of the population have less access to sanitary latrines and toilets, reads the report. And they continue wasting public spaces to meet their needs.

However, there have been some significant changes and the poor sanitation scenario in India has improved to some extent.

A report titled “World Toilet Scenario” by Water Aid has published the report.

Based on the report, the use of open toilets has reduced in some other Asian countries. In Nepal, the rate of open defecation has reduced to half since 2000.

The system has been abolished from Bangladesh from a long ago.

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