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At last, Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe has resigned from his position. He resigned after the national parliament of the country decided for an impeachment proceedings against him.

The state received independence in 1980. Robert Mugabe, the 93-year old top leader for Zimbabwe, ruled around 37 years after the independence.

In last week, the state military took over power and he was under house-arrest. Mugabe declined to transfer power then. An eight-day crisis shocked the world

Consequently, the impeachment bill was proposed against him in the parliament.

The impeachment bill received a wild support from almost all quarters of the country.

Earlier, Mugabe asked for a Cabinet meeting and many of the ministers did not respond to it.

The ruling Zanu –PF party, also the party of Mugabe, had set a 24-hour deadline for him to resign from the position of President.

However, military officials and political parties had no remarks about his future.

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