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A 7.3 magnitude earthquake has killed over 200 people so far and has injured over 1000 near Iran-Iraq border. The tough shocks from the earthquake triggered a landslide and rescue operations are hampered to a great extent.

People got panicked for the sudden quake while many of the structures and walls in the localities are under collapsing risk. Earlier, death toll increase was predicted by IRIB, the Iranian state broadcaster.

Emergency relief camp set up process is underway and the issue has created a chaos across the cities.

Based on the US Geological Survey, the earthquake hit 30 kilometres southwest of Halabja. The tremor attacked around 9.20 pm when most of the locals were at their home.

The situations are worst in the areas due to landslides. Roads and streets are interrupted by a huge pile of a landslide which is blocking to send rescue teams in the quake zones and surrounding villages.

Officials in Iraq said that the earthquake had killed six people and injured over 130 people. Residents in the areas in Iraq ran out of their homes to save lives but unluckily could not save their properties.

It is expected that the damage and death tolls may get a hike after the end of rescue operations. In fact, the quake has shaken some other cities too in different provinces of Iraq and Iran.


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